Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, Opportunity To Build And Maintain Relationships With Customers

The times in which the company spoke and the client were limited to listening were left in the past. And is that in recent years we have witnessed different moments that have marked the evolution of marketing.One of the most important was when, thanks to the internet, the company ceased to be the center of the message and the power to communicate also passed into the hands of customers.

However, traditional marketing and relational marketing continued to leave out an element that allowed the active participation of the client. This new ingredient was put on the Internet and more specifically, the rise of blogs and social networks.

Relational Marketing And Internet

Taking a look at the characteristics of relationship marketing we observed some that are related to internet marketing such as:

  • Interactivity
  • Receptivity
  • Customer orientation
  • Cost-effectiveness

For this reason, the Internet is an ideal channel to conserve, retain and retain customers. And relational marketing has been the significant beneficiary of new forms of communication and digital marketing.

One of the paradigmatic concepts in marketing was known as the moment of truth. That moment is one in which the client or potential client comes into contact with the company to get an idea about the product or service.

The Internet has modified this moment and has given rise to what is known as the Zero Moment of Truth, a concept coined by Google with its ZMOT studio.

All the sources determine this new moment that the person consults before making the purchase decision; it no longer only refers to the company, but this consultation can include a mixture of friends, search engines, forums, social networks, experts, bloggers, etc. And all this takes place on the internet.

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