Digital Marketing

Measurement Of The Relationship

Measuring this moment of truth is very easy thanks to the tools provided by the internet. And this is the principle of measuring the link. From the moment a potential client consults a source to find out about his product or service, he is initiating contact with his brand or company.

Some experts have indicated factors that should not be missing when it comes to monitoring the moment of truth:

  • Monitor the mentions of the brand.
  • Count followers, fans or users.
  • Count the comments, tweets, likes, e-mails, viral messages.
  • Analyze website visits that come from social media, independent blogs, forums, etc.

Keep in mind that many of the above measurements are based on visits that people make to their content, be it a website, a social network or a forum and blog that talks about your brand.

What comes next is trying to turn that visitor into a customer and from there develop a strategy to build loyalty. Remember that relational marketing goes beyond a CRM and that relationships matter in the digital age.

The Future Of Digital Marketing Is On The Internet Of Things

The success of digital marketing depends on strategies that contemplate the multiple channels and devices of users.

The increase of devices through clothing technology (wearables) and connectivity in stores, restaurants and other businesses will make the future of digital marketing in the Internet of Things. A report from Marketo specialized in marketing and digital communication, warns that brands should contemplate different channels and communicates with various devices to remain relevant in the market and differentiate themselves from competitors. Companies have a broad combination of channels with which to increase their impact, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay-per-click ads, conversion techniques and customer attention capture, and consumer loyalty.”No marketing campaign could be developed without these critical activities,” the report insists.

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